Innovative Hair Transplant Analysis

Follysis is an innovative state of the art system designed for the future hair care professional. It combines mathematical formulations, database analysis and graphical interpretation to provide solutions to complex problems. Advanced image analysis and processing techniques developed by HTI and our scientific partners create a unique system that assist the physician in designing the treatment planning, quantifying the outcome, follow up the treatment and last but not least archive the patient data.

Designs the treatment planning

Follysis uses state of the art image analysis and processing techniques to automatically measure characteristics of both donor and recipient area, including surface size and curvature of each subarea on macro images.

Treatment follow-up

Follysis enables the physician to evaluate the success of the treatment by using specific statistical inference tools and follow-up examinations. Follysis offers a detailed follow-up examination form and the capability to track the changes of the treated areas.

Quantifies the outcome

Follysis offers innovative graphical interpretation and measurement analysis tools to quantify the treatment outcome. The physician can now easily highlight, using objectified measurements, the successful treatment outcome.

Archives patient data

A well-organized patient data archiving system is crucial for the modern hair care professional. Using a database in the clinical practice offers a simple solution to the total patient care.